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Friday, August 17, 2007

Too Much Info?

It can be really hard if you are just starting out...trying to be greenER...a term I use for people that want to do little at a time with big changes in mind. So, try these things, one or two at a time...and once you have them down...skip down the list :)

1. Look at your body care items that you put on and they stay on for most of the day...sunscreens, lotions, toners, etc. Look at the ingredients on the back and see if they include the top 10 ingredients in the WATCH OUT post (before this one). If they do, get rid of them. Not ready to quit using your favorite product cold turkey? Then, start looking for a substitute now. Check out www.cosmeticdatabase.com for more information on what's lurking in your personal care products. And beware of labels that claim to be organic, natural, and green. Make sure to read the labels anyhow...because the standards for being organic, natural or green are VERY lax...after all dog poo IS natural but you wouldn't want that on your face...or would you?

2. Pick 3 other products (like shampoos, body washes, makeup, etc) that you will replace with something better once those products run out. Or, if you are feeling brave, toss them and go buy something new and healthier!

3. Start buying the following USDA certified organic:
grapes (especially if they're imported),
bell peppers,
and spinach.

because these have been found to contain the most pesticide residue.
And if you can, go ahead and buy meats and dairy products USDA certified organic too...

4. Switch to a canvas shopping bag and say NO to plastic and paper shopping bags

5. Practice turning the water off while you brush your teeth

6. Practice limiting your shower to only 5-10 minutes

7. Wash your laundry on cold and hang clothes to dry

8. Don't smoke. It unleashes thousands of harmful chemicals in your body and into the air for others to breathe!

9. Get out and walk. By getting out and walking, you are helping your BODY rid itself of toxins...making you healthier. Meaning less visits to the doctors and less plastic bottles full of meds. (Any exercise will do, really)

10. EAT better. Try the list on #3 for your organics. Buy what you can and don't worry about the rest. Also, if you try local farmers, some may not use pesticides but cant afford the USDA label. So make sure they don't use the bad stuff, and then you may be able to buy things locally...which also saves on gas and packaging. By eating better you help YOURSELF as well as helping local farmers...AND once again, saves gas to the doctors, saves you medicine and your health AND the plastic bottles...and all of the paperwork that goes with...Who woulda thought one visit to the doc could create so much waste? (Not saying you shouldn't go if you get really sick...but wouldn't you rather avoid getting sick!?)

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