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Friday, November 30, 2007

golden girl.

"This unique, sophisticated dress is a little bit urban chic and a dash of girly fun. The Joel Dewberry fabrics are rich and vivid, perfect for Fall. The A-line cut is full and comfortable, with an inverted pleat and a sweet tie neck. The 3/4 length sleeves are also pleated in the same style with cuffs embellished with buttons. Looks great with a turtleneck for colder days and is really fresh and hip over jeans."

Each dress is hand sewn and made to order. I LOVE this dress. I wish I could say more...but what can I say? I'm in love (and speechless!)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

o christmas tree

Christmas is almost here! Come put presents under my tree (this way, it's free)!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

wear it your way.

I'm not pregnant, but if I were, I'd be buying one of these for myself. It's cute, comfortable, and oh-so-stylish! This 2-piece sweater has a removable part (the crocheted layer), giving you 2 different looks...or unlimited if you choose to layer the top layer with another shirt! For me, maternity clothing MUST be comfortable AND should transition into many looks. Dress it down with jeans or dress it up with a cute skirt or some nice dress pants...wear it your way.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

feed me.

This adorable onesie never lets you forget what baby wants...OFTEN. This feed me onesie says it in many languages, so if you missed the first one - you are sure to get it with the others.

Monday, November 26, 2007


It's winter and my closet is rather bare! And who's closet couldn't use a little change? These are a few of my picks. Comfort, Style, and Warmth defined.

eat it.

I adore books. Especially when they combine two of my favorite things...great food and vibrant pictures...and this book does both! FIRST MEALS by Annabel Karmel is wonderful and a must have for introducing foods, as well as learning what and when to feed your kiddos (all the way up to pre-school). It has great recipes (which I am personally excited to try) that come in great shapes and fun colors. I'd highly recommend this book!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


As a new parent, I can imagine that it can be very difficult in certain situations due to your children. Of course I have the perfect child, so I wouldn't know (ha! just kidding!). These New Parent Apology Cards would be PERFECT to have on hand the next time let's say...your child runs screaming through a restaurant, knocking someone's dinner into their laps...or they puke all over someone...or any number of potential disasters which if they haven't happened yet, they will. So, be prepared and have these cards handy to just give out...they'll say it all for you!

Glass Bottles - Take Two!

A few months ago, we started eliminating harmful chemicals and other toxins that are common in most households (cleaning supplies, many bodycare supplies, etc.). There also came a time that we put away the very expensive and very numerous amount of Dr. Brown's Bottles (thanks to BPA). So, we exchanged them with some simple Evenflo bottles made of glass (which were much cheaper, by the way!). So, when I came across these wee.go bottles, I was thrilled!

Babylife is reintroducing glass baby bottles, but with a new design and safety twist: the bottle is covered with a modern sleeve that will help protect the bottle from breakage and also prevent bumping into other articles in your diaper bag. This sleeve is free of plastics and is 100% non-toxic. The bottle and the sleeve can be boiled or put in the dishwasher together. The silicone nipple is latex-free and non-toxic. The plastic ring, plug and cap contain no polycarbonates and are food grade, FDA approved and recyclable. The sleeve provides a good gripping surface during feeding and also a great tactile experience for your baby.

Hooray for colorful glass bottles (and less breakable!)!!

thing 1. thing 2.

I've always wanted twins..but these shirts make me want them even more so! How fun are they? These shirts are incredibly adorable and won't leave people guessing and doing double takes. "They are twins, already!!!" You can get them here.

a new take on holiday dresses.

These beautiful dresses and accessories put a whole new spin on holiday dresses. Leila and Ben have some of the cutest designs, leaving me wishing that my little one was big enough to wear them! I guess I'll just have to wait until next year! But, perhaps you won't!


Find them here.

Find them here.

Find them here.

I found these three card sets and, oh my! Ranging from retro to classic to crafty...I love them all! They are wonderful and beautiful...and handcrafted!

Christmas Giving

Christmas will be here soon, and most of us haven't even begun our shopping. Or, at the very least...still have a few difficult people left on our lists. I've compiled some of my favorites that just about anyone (well...ladies) would love....You may even want them all for yourself!

Make cute totes and purses, alike at Snaptotes. You simply choose a picture from a file you have, upload it, and pick your purse. And, ta-da! You can ship it to yourself or straight to the recipient. Easy as 1-2-3!

This beautiful set of lace earrings is incredibly stunning. Romantic, yet subtle...and so very unique. And, they are handcrafted, which means one of a kind!

This handwoven one-of-a-kind scarf would be the perfect gift for someone on your list. Included is the bamboo pin. So incredibly chic and just plain gorgeous! LOVE IT!


When it comes to clothing, I absolutely love the designs of Girl Charlee. For me, this is the perfect Fall/Winter outfit for any little girl to romp around in. What's more, I love the fact that there are limited designs available...meaning you probably won't be seeing too many other kids in the same cute outfits. Let your little one stand out...in a good way...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

loud and clear.

I just can't get over how adorable these Wordsies shirts are! Made of 100 percent quality cotton, and available in 3-6m, 6-9m onesies or 12-18m, 18-24m tshirts (either short or long sleeved).

They come in eight different sayings:
  • Please Don't Smoke Near Me
  • My Lips Are For My Mommy
  • Got Clean Hands?
  • Wash Your Hands First
  • Look But Don't Touch
  • I'm a Biracial Cutie
  • Please Don't Kiss My Lips
  • Please Don't Compare Me To Your Baby
It just got a whole lot easier for even the shyest parents to tell strangers to not get too close. And who couldn't use some help with that?

Find them here!

I'm sorry if I've made you check and recheck to see if the address is right, but it is! We've been going through some major renovations over here! I hope you stick around to watch us grow, as we have so much to offer! In the next few weeks, you'll see our site transform into something even greater! So, keep on checking back for great products and great information!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shower Game Winners!

If you've found this message, it's because you just figured out the game! Good for you! Now leave us a comment so we know you found us.

In order to participate, leave us a comment telling us:
-Where you found the diaper pin (which site and page?)

And then we'll pick a winner from this list!

And...if you have NO clue what this is all about...you should take a look at this: Virtual Baby Showers