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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

virtual baby showers

We thought it was time to further the celebration of what it is we are all about : motherhood, life, and the wee ones. We have paired up with some great companies (and a few very awe-inspiring individuals), and are ready to begin showering some very lucky expectant mothers with gifts.

Want in on the fun?

If you are an expectant mother (pregnant or adopting), we'd love to hear from you! Please fill out the following and email it to: ashley@firstimpressionsbaby.com.
Application MUST be complete to be considered.
-your name and mailing address
-your age
-a photo of you and your belly (your face AND belly MUST be showing)
-your due date (or when you plan to bring home your adopted child)
-whether you are expecting a boy or girl (if you know and would like to share)
-your blog/website (if applicable)
-and just tell us your story!

Winners will be handpicked by us. We are looking for the most unique and fun applications (whether it's your story, how you present it, or the application itself that is creative).. If you'd like to send your application via mail for creative purposes, please contact me for mailing information!

There are no deadlines, we'll just throw showers all over the place as we please! If your application isn't picked the first time around, be sure to double-check it and make sure it was complete. You are welcome to try and resend applications if you'd like to try and make it more unique for a better chance!

And, be sure to keep checking back - all babyshowers are thrown on a whim... and with no notice!

If you have any questions, please email me at ashley@firstimpressionsbaby.com.

To see Virtual Baby Showers that have been thrown in the past, click HERE.

Please note: all requirements must be met for application to be considered.

[Are you a company that would like to contribute a gift? Email Ashley with your contact/product information or request further details.]


mkckec said...

what a great idea! makes me wish I was pregnant!

Sheena said...

I will be participating once I find out all the vital information!