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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Great Websites for Going Green...or GreenER


www.care2.com/healthyliving Hundreds of everyday solutions for a healthy lifestyle.

www.checnet.org Free monthly e-mails from the Children's Environmental Health Coalition, offering simple steps to keep your baby in a healthy home. Also offers the video Not Under My Roof! Protecting Your Baby from Toxins at Home with Olivia Newton-John and Kelly Preston.

http://groups.ivillage.com/green Info on going green

www.lowimpactliving.com Info on living a low impact life

www.greenpeople.org Search for organic food, clothing, etc. around your area

www.thegreenguide.com Guide for Going Green

http://www.gomestic.com/Gardening/Five-Plants-That-Repel-Mosquitoes.34525 List of plants that repel mosquitoes

www.richsoil.com/lawn Organic lawn care

www.treehugger.com/gogreen.php More info on going green

http://home.homewebs.com/holisticmoms/index.cfm/NewsItem?id=2504 Holistic Moms Network

www.localharvest.org Find local farmers and other things grown and sold locally

http://dingo.care2.com/c2p/DailyAction/going_green_means.pdf?z00m=9426756 Wonderful info on easy steps to going green

www.cosmeticdatabase.com Find out what's in your personal care products and why they are so harmful!

www.seventhgeneration.com Great site for organic and earth friendly items from cleaning to personal care

www.gdiapers.com Don't want to do cloth but not satisfied with normal disposables? Here's an in between that will still help save the earth!

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