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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shower Game Winners!

If you've found this message, it's because you just figured out the game! Good for you! Now leave us a comment so we know you found us.

In order to participate, leave us a comment telling us:
-Where you found the diaper pin (which site and page?)

And then we'll pick a winner from this list!

And...if you have NO clue what this is all about...you should take a look at this: Virtual Baby Showers


ramseycatior said...

Hi. I am ramseycatoir@yahoo.com. I found the pin!!! It was under the Now its personal web page.Under confections. The diaper pin favors.

mkckec said...

Shliverdemillershniben. That was sooooooo not easy.
Marykate Cary
Foundon Nowitspersonalconfections.com under the favors and the diaper pin cookies.
I clicked on every possible cookie BUT that stinking pin cookie~DUH! lol!

Pamela said...

hello my email is pamelaperez87@gmail.com

jennz007 said...

Jennifer Pokorny
jerichosmom07@gmail.com. found it on the nowitspersonalconfections.com favors diaper pin cookie page

Hockeymom813 said...

My name is Elaine
Found it on the personal confections order page

shoe_fairy said...

Christina Kennedy
I found the pin on the Personal Confections order page.

Jofrog said...

What fun! I love games!

Johanna Parker

Jerihk said...

Hi...I'm Jeri @ Jerihk@wavecable.com. I found the diaper pin at Now It's Personal Confections on the cookie order page. What cute cookies...perfect for any shower!