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Monday, November 26, 2007

eat it.

I adore books. Especially when they combine two of my favorite things...great food and vibrant pictures...and this book does both! FIRST MEALS by Annabel Karmel is wonderful and a must have for introducing foods, as well as learning what and when to feed your kiddos (all the way up to pre-school). It has great recipes (which I am personally excited to try) that come in great shapes and fun colors. I'd highly recommend this book!


mkckec said...

I am constantly wondering what amounts to feed my daughter and which foods she is ready for, so I think having a book like this would be real helpful.

Hot Chocolate Clothing said...

this is an absolutely FABULOUS book. I bought it years ago and I STILL use the recipes to this day. They have a pasta salad in there that is SO yummy! The chicken tenders are so yummy and I love how she mixes different foods together so kids have no idea what they are eating LOL. She makes them in such cute little animals/characters too..I love the little snail and the "Jello boats"