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Friday, June 6, 2008

Snuzzler by Kiddopotamus

My daughter amazes me in so many ways. Like, when she was younger - how she could sleep in her carseat with her neck all twisted and bent and still MANAGE TO MOVE it at ALL when she woke back up. Amazing, I tell you. But, that HAS to hurt. Ouch. It hurts me just thinking about it.

So, here's a product I wish I would've known about before: The Snuzzler by Kiddopotamus. Made out of soft velboa fabric, in rich shades, it's great for infant car seats, joggers, baby swings, strollers, bouncer seats, convertible car seats, bike trailers, and more!

"Okay, fine," you say, "But, why is this a must?"

Oh, I don't know...there's the fact that the Snuzzler gently supports baby's head, neck, and back for proper posture (read: no more sore neck). Then, there's the fact that the head support can be used separately, or re-attached to the body piece. And, then the Snuzzler fits all harness systems (no need to thread any straps when switching to different car seats, either), it's an award winning design, and was crash tested for safety.

Of course, if all of that's not enough for you... The Snuzzler IS machine washable, too.

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lamamanaturale said...

I received a Snuzzler as baby shower gift and it really does help support the baby's neck and posture. Our son's neck doesn't roll back and forth and we've seen it happen without. Big difference. In the summer months it's tends to run a bit warm for my son but never to an uncomfortable warmth that my son is crying. I would definitely recommend this product! :)