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Friday, March 7, 2008

All dressed up.

Made a new dress for Baby L (my first ever!). So, here it is (above).

You can make your own with THESE instructions.

Or, read more about Baby L's new dress.


Kim said...

I love the pattern.. so cute!!! And congrats on your first dress!


Sandy said...

Very cute...I love the colors. Good job.

Lilith Silvermane said...

That is sooo cute!
I plan on making one of those this year! It's my goal!!

Nissa said...

That is SOOO good! Looks like you've been making them for years! Maybe you should start on etsy... There's always a market for them!


Sandy C. said...

A-dor-able! So cute I can hardly stand it! You did a great job :)

Kathryn said...

Oooohhh!!!! So cute! I love pink and brown together. Adorable!