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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thursday Thirteen No. 7

13 Hot Topics in Child-rearing

1. Spanking vs. other methods of disciplining
2. Breast vs. Bottle
3. Sugar sugar sugar (in foods) vs. making your own
4. cloth vs. disposables (diapers)
5. vaccine vs. not
6. Western meds vs. Hollistic
7. Are white lies acceptable?
8. Should you give your teenagers condoms?
9. Stay at home or Work outside the home?
10. All Natural Births vs. Pain meds
11. Circumcision vs. NOT
12. Should kids get privacy (and how much)?
13. Co-sleeping vs. separate cribs

Interested in hearing more about these topics?


marcia said...

wow I guess those could be huh:>

damozel said...

It's kind of funny to look at them and see that they're the same topics I used to talk about---I don't think the topics change much, only the current wisdom!

13 Hearts

Kathryn said...

Wow. There really are a lot of hot topics where kids are concerned. I never really thought about it before.