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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Little Missmatched - Quiz book

Little Miss Matched has done it again! Many of you are parents, but for some of you, your little one has passed the "baby stages." I wanted to share this great, great product with you!

In the marvelous & fabulous me Quiz Box, you get a Quiz Book - full of 50 great personality quizzes for girls, Tarot cards, a doodle pad, stickers, zodiac poster, personality revealer wheel, and cootie catchers! This box has everything a girl could want to entertain herself (and her friends) for hours!

The quiz book is just that - a book with 50 great quizzes that help girls learn more about themselves and their friends - and a great way to bond! And, don't worry - the tarot cards are all in fun - they are designed "little miss matched" style - meaning pure, good, clean fun. The blank doodle pad is great for writing answers down from your quizzes, writing notes, DOODLING, or anything else they can think up! The stickers, zodiac poster, personality wheel, and cootie catchers are also sure to be a hit!

This kit is carefully designed to entertain girls for HOURS. It would make a gift - whether for a birthday or just because!

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

That is fabulous! What a great idea. I think my nieces would love that!