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Monday, July 21, 2008

Bazura Bags - EcoFriendly Bags

Want something fun, fresh, and eco-friendly to hit off your back to school appearance? Check out Bazura Bags, and their line of Back To School bags.

The Zipper Shoulder bag would be great for all of your school essentials, and it's big enough for books, too! You'll never have to worry about getting your bags mixed up again!

Bazura Bags also makes tiny bags, perfect for carrying around your pencils and pens!
A really great organizer, that folds up compactly - great whether you want to hang it in your locker, your bathroom (for all of your essentials), or even carry it around with your money, checkbook, and coupons! Best of all, slim chance you'll forget it and leave it lying around!
Bazura Bags' Two Pocket School Bag is a great messenger-style bag for the young and young at heart. Each bag features 2 exterior pockets, as well as an inside divider pocket.

These bags are great, not only for back to school, but also for everyday use, including as diaper bags! The colorful juice packets that these bags are made of truly make them one of a kind, funky, and colorful! These unique bags are not only easily washable pretty much waterproof, but they are also eco-friendly and made out recycled materials - a true "trash to treasure" find!

You can check out the entire line of bags available HERE.

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