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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sock Monkey Virtual Room Makeover

The Room:

The issue: Heidi wants her one year old son, Martin to have a more pulled-together room, but they are on a budget. She prefers to keep the color the same in this room, and for a theme that can be unisex and not have to be redone for future little ones. Storage space is also a problem.

Because the family was on a budget, I tried choosing inexpensive or DIY projects when I could, centering only a few key items. Here's what I came up with:
If you are a fan of names being spelled out in a child's room, this is a great option. For a cheaper alternative, try using scrapbook paper in the key colors, and use a contrast color for the letters. Not EVERYTHING has to have the sock monkeys on them. Then, string it up with a ribbon.

*photo source unknown, please email me if you know where I can link to it

Another letter option are these great custom-painted sock monkey letters. But, at $18 a piece, they may not be friendly to a smaller budget. If you are handy with a paint brush, consider making your own version. (Click photo to buy)

I love these two artists: Kelly Pound and Marisa Hopkins (click to buy). Frame them with a solid colored frame (without glass), and you're ready to go.
by Marisa Hopkins

by Marisa Hopkins
by Kelly Poundby Kelly Pound

Dress up your light switch with this fun piece of art! At only $5, we think it's a steal! But, if it doesn't fit or is the wrong size, consider making your own! (Click photo to buy.)
Next up - Bedding. We realize that the little guy is still in a crib, but we love these sheets. And, since he's a toddler, we figure it's better to buy up rather than crib sheets that may not be used for much longer. Most of these colors could work in this room, although our favorites were the classsic red stripe or slate blue stripe. (These sheets can also be made into fitted crib sheets.)

I also liked this quilt - although at $395, it might not be the sort of thing that would fit in a smaller budget. So, consider a solid colored comforter, or perhaps just a throw. Add a few bright throw pillows to pack in a little extra PUNCH. (Click photo to buy)

What would a sock monkey room be without a sock monkey? This customized sock monkey is not only bright and funky, but he's got baseballs all over him - something our little room owner loves. This little guy would look great on the bed (in the bed) with the more original sock monkey or alone. This guy is about $25. (Click photo to buy)

Or, if you prefer the look of the original sock monkeys a bit more, consider having one custom made by Tamara (click HERE.) And, for the DIYers, check out how to make your own!


One of the first things I noticed about the room, was the need for "boundaries" within certain sections. What I mean is, if you have a shelf and place objects on it, most likely (if they are used much), they will spill out all over the place. A great idea is to buy small containers - whether clear plastic, decorative boxes, or woven baskets. Buy several and use them to hold diapers, accessories, toys, etc. This will hold SO much more than if you were to not use them. These 2 baskets (for a set) are right under $16. This will most likely be the cheapest you find them, unless you scour clearance aisles and sales (which very well could pay off!) (Click photo to buy). Also, for a bit more color, you can also line these baskets/boxes with your favorite fabrics.

Heidi says that she and her husband use their son's closet as well, so finding ample space can be rough. If you haven't already, I HIGHLY recommend one of these closet organizers by Closet Maid. It costs right under $70, and they are awesome. Use the very top shelf for blankets, seasonal sweaters, etc. Put those things in clear plastic containers with lids and stack them as far up as you can. Use the top two clothing racks for your clothing, and the bottom left one for his. Canvas collapsible boxes/buckets (also at Lowes) can be bought inexpensively for the middle section to hold extra clothes or toys and books.

This storage piece is also great. It has the canvas "drawers" that can easily be taken out, or left in. Use them to stack toys in, or remove a couple of the drawers, and use it to shelve books instead. --Not to mention, the entire top of the piece. Only $79.99 at Target.
A few other things to consider: Try a hanging hamper to get the clothes basket out of the way, and to free up more floor space. Move the bassinet to storage if you are no longer using it. Use some unique shelves to make neat displays with colorful toys on the wall. To break up floor space, consider adding a fun rug to the room.

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