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Monday, July 7, 2008

Toot Scoot

It's no secret that toddlers and kids of all ages love pushing around on anything with wheels. Traditionally, we as parents have bought our children 3-and-4-wheeled miniature cars and trikes to zoom around in/on. Today, we have yet another option: the Toot Scoot.

The Toot Scoot, made for ages 2-5 boasts thick plastic-rubber wheels that not only help your child balance, but will also never need to be aired. Both the seat and handlebars are adjustable, ensuring a great fit for your child. And, unlike many riding toys - this "bike" comes without training wheels or pedals. Instead, it encourages your child to push off the ground with their feet, learning how to balance (as well as coordination and motor skills) - which means your child will be ready for a traditional bike even sooner!

The original Toot Scoot was made by Buck Hale, a BMX bike rider and motorcross racer, for his son as a Christmas present. He wanted to share his love of bikes with his one-year old son, Seth. By 18 months, Seth could balance with his feet off the ground, and shortly afterwards he was buzzing around like a pro. Friends and passer bys were constantly stopping Buck, asking him if he would make them a Toot Scoot, or where they could find them - and, so Toot Scoots were born.

You can get your very own Toot Scoot at www.tootscoot.com.

Available in Black, Blue, Red, and White. $79.95

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