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Friday, July 18, 2008

A couple of favorites

Some of the most meaningful gifts that I've ever received were handcrafted. For me, it means the world to me that someone took time out of their life to make something so unique and so individual FOR ME. Hitting the mall (or Walmart/Target) can sometimes be so easy, and oftentimes you can end up picking a gift that doesn't even fall into line with WHO the recipient is.

And, as a gift-giver, I love giving gifts from my heart - whether it's fresh produce from my garden, freshly baked bread, or a hand-crafted goody. Regardless of what it is, you can be sure that I put a lot of thought into each individual gift I made. Unfortunately, making gifts can be hard when you are hard-pressed for an idea of a unique gift that you could MAKE that won't break the bank.

In Karen Ehman's book, Homespun Gifts from the Heart, over 200 wonderfully creative ideas are shared for a wide array of gift recipients - from couples to babies and readers to foodies. She also has some of the most AWESOME ideas for gift baskets, pairing inexpensive items from the store with your own handcrafted items. All of the ideas are easy enough for any beginner, but great enough for everyone to enjoy. I can't wait to put this fabulous book to great use!

Another one of Karen Ehman's great books is Homespun Memories from the Heart, with over "200 ideas to make unforgettable moments." This book is all about celebrating...everything. But, you won't find $1,000 price tags on these ideas - instead, you'll find ideas that anyone of any budget can do. Great ideas from baby showers to wedding showers and beyond. This book is ESPECIALLY great if you are looking to make birthdays a little more special or are a new family (or not so new) and would love to create some new traditions of your very own.

You can buy both books here.

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