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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For your musical entertainment

We recently came across a new company called Yummy English Snack Productions, home to the YESnack CDs. L loves listening and dancing along to these creative and kid-friendly songs and I'm excited because I don't have to worry about the lyrics!

YESnack offers a 2 CD set that features over 43 unique songs!! Additionally, on their website you can find great stories that were inspired by the songs to share with your children - as well as the song lyrics. The songs are not only cute, but they are also chock full of information - like, the zodiac, lessons on why you shouldn't follow the crowd, and simple addition! And, for the older kids, a multiplication CD is included, making learning easier by putting it to music (up to the 12s).

These CDs are great for youngsters. I love that I can tell a story and we have a supporting song. I also love that these songs support great life lessons that I can teach and support...with music! Very fun, and I'm actually looking forward to breaking them back out when she starts learning multiplication!

And, with that said, there's a giveaway!! Simply tell us why you'd like to win and leave your email address in the comments. We'll announce the winners next Monday!

Good Luck!


MamaWise said...

Sounds like a great set! My kids love to dance to music, and my oldest has just started to memorize and sing songs. He even likes to make up his own!

Michele said...

That was cute. I know my granddaughter would love to listen to these when she comes over to Granny's house. :-)