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Friday, July 4, 2008


Do you know what's better than a package on your doorstep? A package with edible yumminess on your doorstep. That's exactly what happened when I received my goodies from Popcornopolis - a Best Of Porpcornopolis Gourmet Gift basket, filled with eight cones of scrumptious gourmet popcorn.

Popcornopolis' popcorn is so delicious, that you won't be able to keep it to yourself. You'll WANT to tell everyone you know about how great it is. And, with flavors like - Caramel, cheesy Cheddar, Cinnamon Toast sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, luscious Dark Chocolate, delectable White Chocolate, salty-sweet Kettle Corn, Zebra Chocolate, and rich Almond Corn - there's something for EVERYONE. Popcornopolis uses only the finest natural flavors and premium, farm-grown corn - and, let me tell you, you WILL tell a difference.

I barely got the package in the door, before I had an entire room of my own personal taste-testers (who left with zip-loc baggies full of popcorn). This popcorn was great - even my Grams asked for seconds because it was unlike any popcorn she had ever had...it didn't hurt her sensitive teeth.

My favorites?: Zebra Chocolate. (They were all good, of course. I just happen to be ever-so-slightly addicted to chocolate!)

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