We're Moving!!

Don't forget to change your readers and bookmarks to www.firstimpressionsbaby.com/blog! We won't be here for much longer (we have a new home)!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Be sure to change your bookmarks!

We'll be here for exactly one more week, but come check us out at our new digs! We're all settled in now, and can't wait for you to see us! Every post that is featured here, will be featured at the new place too. And, if you are still only keeping up with us at this site, chances are you are missing some of the new extra posts at the new place!

And, don't forget: We have a $100 Giveaway going on. You can sign up HERE. If you already signed up for the giveaway at this site, you are considered signed up at the other site, regardless of what the comments may show. So, no worries! Winner will be announced at the new digs!

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