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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Rugged Idea - A Blanket With No Boundaries

We have found yet another "Parenting Essential" for you - the Rugged Idea Blankets. These awesome blankets are made from Rip-Stop Nylon and Fleece - making them durable, cozy (yet lightweight), and water/wind proof! They come in 3 sizes: small (changing pad), medium (perfect for your stroller) or large (great for a double stroller).

We own the Rugged Idea Medium sized Blanket and absolutely love it! It has ties, so that it can be tied to our stroller in a moments notice, and is lightweight and compact enough that we can carry it with us wherever we go! It has gone to the park with us, watched fireworks with us (we sat on it), and covered our legs when we got chilly.

Fall is approaching, and the possibilities are endless! Cover a stroller so your little one is blocked from the wind/rain and warmth is locked in. Or, use it when wearing your baby to help protect your little one from the elements. Use it to sit on in the park, to cover up infant carriers, or as a mat to play on in public places.

These blankets are great - no matter the season, no matter the activity - and are a new favorite for us!

Go HERE to get yours, now!

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