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Friday, August 15, 2008

Cancer In A Bottle?

I've posted a lot about toxins in the things we put IN and ON our bodies, and so it came to no surprise to me when Rutgers University found a link between moisturizers and skin cancer. I mean, what exactly DO you expect when you apply lotions filled with parabens (Read: Cancer Causing Agents) on your skin everyday? I mean, really?

So many people are surprised by studies like these - they thought our government had a handle on it, that our government would protect them. I'm incredibly sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the FDA only limits certain chemicals. When it comes to cosmetics and bodycare, there isn't much by way of standards and regulations for what they can put into their products.

It's up to YOU to read your own labels to know what's safe, and what's not. Ignore the label's claims about organic or organic ingredients (I'll talk more about this later), because just because an item SAYS it has organic items, it doesn't make it so (another faulty FDA law...or non-law).

Exercise your right to read the labels, and carefully. For more information about chemicals you should be watching out for, read below. And, for more information, go to Skin Deep- where you can search for your particular product to see how it rates for safety.

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