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Friday, August 8, 2008

Contest!! Build your own Marble Ramp!

*photo from kidmade website

This is an AWESOME idea for kids and parents to participate in together. The idea? Build the longest marble ramp using only duct tape and cardboard. You ARE allowed, however, to use things such as walls, tables and chairs to prop it up.

Go here to check it out and read how to enter (it's really easy).

You have until the end of August to complete it! Be sure to comment here and let us know if you choose to participate! We'd love to feature ALL of our readers' photos of their ramps on our blog post!

And...just in case you haven't already signed up for our $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway for Good for the Kids, you can do so here :)


Anonymous said...

Hello.This is first time for me to visit your site.
I have three children (6year-old boy,4year-old boy,2year-old girl)
marble ramp seems good idea for kids.My first boy will like it.
I'm happy if you link to my site.It is written in Japanese(some of the words are English) but show pictures.
baratch family

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