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Friday, August 22, 2008

Looking For More Kid-Friendly Recipes?

If you've reached the end of your cookbook and are in need of more kid-friendly recipes, take a look at these (they are adult-friendly, too!):

Whole Foods
has a huge range of kid recipes - from breakfast to lunch to snacks to meals - and, it's all healthy!

If you are looking for recipes that kids can cook with a little help, check out this site by Kid's Health. They even have some recipes for kids with cystic fibrosis, diabetes, vegetarians, lactose intolerance, and celiac disease!

Tiny Tummies, another website with some great healthy recipes, is also geared to get little ones in the kitchen to help. The idea is that by getting them into the kitchen, they'll be more likely to eat the fixings. Check out their great list of what's in season and the recipes to go with!

We also found Mollie Katzen's website - she's an author of some great children's recipe books and has listed some of her fabulous (and healthy) recipes online, too!

Wondertime has some more kid-friendly recipes...


ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

Perfect timing. I just started a diet - today - and will need to be able to work it into family dinners.

Blogging Fun said...

Nice post :)