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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Speech Delays - Ages 0-2

Many of us wonder if our children are saying enough words. And, before we know it keeping up with the Joneses of this world begins to make us doubt our own parenting and our own children. We begin to compare how our child is speaking compared to Sally or little Jack, and try to rack our brains to think of any other children we may know in our child's age range.

And, before you know it, you've convince yourself that your child is behind.

Or, maybe you don't. Maybe you think your child is doing just grand, and then one day the pediatrician blows you mind with the news that your child is behind.

The following are some warning signs for language development delay (borrowed from BabyCenter):

Birth to 12 Months
  • by 4 months, doesn't imitate the sounds her parents make
  • by 6 months, isn't laughing or squealing
  • by 8 or 9 months, isn't using sounds to get your attention
  • by 9 months, hasn't begun babbling
  • at 10 months, doesn't respond to her name
  • by 9 or 10 months, isn't letting you know when she's happy or upset

12 to 15 Months
  • at 12 months, doesn't use gestures such as waving or shaking her head
  • by 12 months, isn't using at least a couple of consonants (p, b, etc.)
  • by 12 months, isn't somehow communicating to you when she needs help with something
  • at 15 months, doesn't understand and respond to words like "no" and "bye-bye"
  • by 15 months, isn't using at least six different gestures (waving, pointing, etc.)
  • by 15 months, can't say at least one to three words

18 to 24 Months
  • at 18 months, isn't saying at least six to ten words
  • by 18 to 20 months, isn't pointing out things of interest, such as a bird or airplane overhead
  • by 20 months, isn't making at least six consonant sounds
  • at 21 months, doesn't respond to simple directions
  • by 21 months, doesn't pretend with her dolls or herself (brushing her hair, feeding her doll, etc.)
  • at 24 months, can't join two words together
  • at 24 months, doesn't know the function of common household objects — toothbrush, telephone, fork, etc.
  • by 24 months, doesn't imitate actions or words of others
  • at 2 years, doesn't point to body parts when asked

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