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Monday, April 28, 2008

Baby Light & Clip

I remember when Baby Girl was just home from the hospital - her nails were long and paper thin. But, holding her hands for very long resulted in a fit and flailing - in only a moment, I'd managed to snip a bit of skin with the clippers. And, I was finished. No more fingernail clippers.

I cringed at the thought of having to cut her nails, and I would sheepishly ask someone else to do it. Occasionally, I'd slip into her room with a file as she slept. Regardless, the task of trimming her nails seemed daunting.

That was, until Baby Light and Clip came into our lives. This nifty invention illuminates the nail and shows where the fine baby nails meet the skin. It also shows any rough edges that should be clipped to keep baby from scratching themselves. And - SAFETY GUARDS! - to keep you from nicking precious skin!

Because it has a built in light, you can use it during the day, or at night while baby's sleeping. Anytime, really!


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