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Friday, April 25, 2008

It's bath-time: Tubby Bundle!

Have you ever dreaded baby's bath-time? I mean, as if the sore knees and back pains aren't enough, half the time you end up soaking wet - and so does the floor.

SpecialKreations has a wonderful new product called the Tubby Bundle. Let me explain: It's a HUGE, plush towel that goes on much like an apron (for you). Once baby (or toddler) is out of the bath, you just pick them straight up and bring the bottom portion of the towel up and around them. Not only is it easy to use and keeps you dry, but it also helps you hold on to slippery babies!

We absolutely love our Tubby Bundle. It's a wonderful shower gift for moms and dads alike. And, the Tubby Bundles will grow with your child...just use it as a regular towel!

Two thumbs up for the perfect shower gift for moms, dads, and grandparents...


Nissa said...

That's a cute idea! Wish I'd had one of those when Melo was smaller..

Jared said...

Cool! I have a few friends having babies this year. I just might have to show Momma these so she can get them as shower gifts. :D