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Thursday, April 24, 2008

How to fold a Tshirt

Step 1
Lay down the shirt horizontally and faceup in front of you with the neck on the left-hand side.

Step 2
Pinch the shirt on the side opposite you at two points: with your left hand, at the collar; and with your right hand, halfway down the shirt, parallel with your left hand.

Step 3
While holding the two points, cross your left hand over your right, bringing the shoulder down to meet the shirt’s bottom hem, and grab the hem.

Step 4
Lift the shirt so that it hangs in front of you. Uncross your arms, without letting go of the shirt, and pull the fold taut as you do so.

Step 5
Place the shirt on the table. One sleeve should be sticking out. Fold over the sleeve, and fold over the side. Flip over the shirt.

*From RealSimple.com


Nissa said...

I think it's too complicated for me. I'd probably need a coresponding video! :)

Joeprah said...

I'm with nissa, but moreso because I don't care to do it the right way. My way is simply how I express myself through folding. I think you have inspired a post. Biggity BOmb!