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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tasty Tuesdays

This week, I'm going to explore some frugal living. For a lot of us, at some point or another, we will have to set budgets. Some of us will have to live more frugally than others, cutting out any unnecessary costs.

Because it is Tasty Tuesdays, I thought that introducing some frugal meals would be a great idea. Please sign up in the linky if you have a meal to share with us...especial meals that feed four for under $4.

Meals for 4 under $4:

1. Chicken crescent Rolls. You may need to buy the offbrands for the chicken (or cut up your own, using the frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts - after you cook a couple) and crescent rolls.

2. Tuna and noodle (could also use chicken). You need tuna (one can), egg noodles, a bit of milk, cream of mushroom soup.

3. Hamburger Helper is also a CHEAP alternative.

4. Chicken breasts (boneless,skinless, frozen) over brown rice. Sprinkle with cheese and some ranch. Voila.

5. BBQ chicken and steamed carrots.

6. Chili cheese dogs

7. Chicken nuggets and fried potatoes. Cut up chicken (from that same bag of frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts...you'll want to thaw it out first). Bread it and deep fry it. Then, in a skillet, fry up some sliced potatoes.

8. Potatoes and eggs. Grandma used to (and still does for my father and uncle) fry up potatoes and eggs in the skillet. Ingredients? Potatoes. Eggs.

9. Use that same bag of boneless skinless chicken breasts, and grill some chicken...or fry it like in number 7. Add some lettuce, and cheese and put in a tortilla with ranch for a wrap...or make it a salad by adding tomatoes and ranch. Add your favorite buffalo sauce for some spice.

10. Freeze the small portions of veggie leftovers (carrots, corn, broccoli, beans, etc) together. When you are short on time and money, pour the veggies you've accumulated into a pot and add some vegetable broth ...and you have soup. If you have some meat, add it. If not, toast some bread, make cornbread, or crumble up some crackers.

What are your ideas? --And fast food does NOT count!

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the whitmer crew said...

ill post my recipes on my next post thanks for the idea its a great way to think about how to really save money