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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

3-Stage Super Seat

Summer Infant has yet a new (ingenious) product for our little ones. Unlike many companies, they seem to realize how much STUFF you seem to acquire as parents, SO - they've come up with a wonderful product that GROWS with your child. Not the "just add water" type of grow...but a product that changes in functionality depending on your child's age and stage.

The Summer Infant 3-Stage Super Seat is a seat designed for infants through the toddler years. For infants, put the cushy, easy to clean insert into the seat and let baby practice sitting up, while freeing your lap and hands. This seat is good for non-experienced sitters and experienced sitters alike (as long as they have neck-muscle control! Then, add the base and the activity tray as baby gets older. With a couple of clicks, the tray can be removed or added, totally changing the functionality of this piece. Next, when baby or toddler is ready for a booster seat, just strap it onto a chair, and VOILA!

One chair, three different ways...and lots more space in the attic.

(Approximately $44.99 at Amazon.com and Walmart.com)

PS - this would be great for trips to the grand-parents'...

1 comment:

Kathryn said...

Not that is cool. I've just discovered those Bumbo chairs for infants, but this goes way beyond that.