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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thrifty Ideas for your HOME.

Yesterday, I posted some thrifty meal ideas...today, I thought I'd share some thrifty ideas for your HOME. :)

Make your own home cleaners. For starters, they are better for your health than clorox, lysol, pinesol, and most of the other cleaners. By stocking up on things like vinegar, tea tree oil (optional), baking soda, and other things...you can keep your house clean. It's easy, much cheaper, and much healthier. Check HERE for cleaner recipes.

Use your old walmart/grocery bags to line small wastebaskets.

Check out freecycle.org and craigslist.com for anything you may need around the house. And, when you are wanting to give stuff away (from old magazines to a piano), be sure to list it so someone else can get use out of it.

Your furniture and accessories looking a little drab? Before replacing them, consider reupholstering them...yourself. Or, if they aren't fabric, paint them or stain them. Or, try a new coat of paint on the walls to spruce things up.

Need cheap art? Buy some art paper and have the kids go nuts with non-toxic fingerpaints (OUTSIDE). Pick up some cheap frames (and paint them if needed). Frame the art and hang.

Another choice would be to find some of your favorite fabric and staple it to a framed canvas. Hang on walls for a cool effect.

What are YOUR ideas? Leave a comment with your ideas or a direct link to a post (if you blog) with your ideas!

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Leslie said...

I posted a thirfty idea at my site- used leftover pickel juice and add boiled eggs = pickeled eggs. Bread and butter pickeled eggs are the best. Then you enjoy a pickeled egg salad sandwich!! Also, re-use freezer bags if possible by washing them out and air drying them. I also save wire ties and reuse them. I also keep aloe plants around the house for burns, scrapes, etc. Also, making your own butter is really easy and fun! Oh! and whenever I find glasses or waterbottles with water in them around the house I the water into my houseplants!!! www.recycleyourday.com/lamamanaturale.htm