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Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Favorite Things - Age One

Struggling to figure out what to buy for your one year old?

Lorelei loves:Braincandy DVDs!! I can't tell you enough how much I LOVE these DVDs (and L too). We have the Baby Einstein and a TON of other DVDs...but these. She. loves. them. Usually, she'll watch an educational dvd for 10 minutes tops. These hold her attention for 45 minutes STRAIGHT (if we let her). -And, a quick disclaimer...while I don't recommend letting DVDs and the such being the only way your child learns or acting as a babysitter 24/7, they really are OKAY if used sparingly and as learning AIDS (meaning they have hands on learning too). Anyway. These rock.

Board books and cloth books. We technically don't have the one pictured...but I'm sure she'd love that one too! Books are one of her favorite things!
Little People. She loves these things!! She received 2 of these and 2 mini backyardigans from her Granny for Easter and she'll carry them to and fro in her hands EVERYWHERE.
Fisher Price "walker". It's a walker, interactive toy (with music! - and the buttons make lights flash and all sorts of things), has compartments to put toys in and take toys out, ride-on toy, and roll-y toy all in one! She can spend a good hour playing with this thing - and it will grow with her! (It also helps barricade the stairs - haha)

And, this one...well...technically, it's my pick. Although....Lorelei DOES love turning the pages (and trying to rip them out) and will try to carry it around. But, it's up here for YOU. By now you are totally used to and have probably identified most of the child-raising how-to books that are mostly all the same. But, this one is different: It looks beyond the physical differences and stages your child will be experiencing and focuses on the psychological and behavioral stages and development. VERY GREAT book. Focuses on Birth to 3.

****If you are family/friends reading this (for Lorelei's birthday), we already have this entire list - so, I'm not hinting around. ;) HOWEVER, check HERE for the major hints for things she'd love (or, if you want some more ideas for your own little one).


Nissa said...

I need to make it over here more often! Now that I've found your more personal blog- I forget to come visit here!

We have the Braincandy DVD set, too. Melodie loves it. I think it's a bit creepy (the brain that knocks on the childs head & says "No brain, no brain" and then goes into it..scares me.)And that song is sooo annoying. But then I guess all of those songs are...

Mommy Bits said...

My youngest loves the Little People. He wants to watch this video I have of them all the time.