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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Baby's Vision


1 week - Focuses on objects approximately 8-12 inches away.
Play idea: Try making frequent eye contact with baby, newborns love looking at familiar faces - especially distinguished features like the eyes and hairline (if you have dark hair) and mouth.

1 month - Notices movement, high-contrast in patterns and colors, and some simple patterns.
Play idea: Try a black and white (or blue and white) mobile with large patterns. Don't want to spend the cash? Make your own patterns on cardstock with paper cut-outs and hang them with string - But, use with caution. Be sure string is secure and out of baby's reach and NOT over the crib (or any place a sibling toddler could get the string).

2 months - Follows moving object with eyes - First from side to side, and then up and down.
Play idea: Move a toy back and forth, and up and down - letting baby follow it with their eyes.

3 months - Begins to pick up on colors more clearly.
Play idea: Offer baby toys in bright colors and name them as you go (Blue block. Red ball.).

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