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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Group and a Favor!

Today, my post is going to be short and sweet. :) I'm asking a super quick favor of you ALL - whether you are a mom, dad, grandparents, or TTC - please go to: http://www.lilaguide.com/groups/parents
and sign up for my group. If you aren't in lilaguide's system, it'll prompt you to join first (it's free), so please take the 3 minutes to do that and then join my actual group (address above). I'm in a contest, so the more members I get before Aug. 1, the better. I'm aiming at 600! It's all free and you are under no obligation to actually post anything or do anything in the group (unless you want to) - Just join! Please?

Oh yeh. And, as always...if you join, I'll add your name to a drawing and I'll be giving away prizes.

1 comment:

sweetsue said...

Hi, I joined, I hope you win your contest.