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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Parenting Weigh-In: Getting your child's hair "did"

As of RIGHT NOW, I'm starting a new series - Parenting Weigh-In(s). Basically, I want to hear your thoughts on certain subjects. So, please, as will ALL of my posts, please feel free to "weigh-in" in the comments area. In fact, I'm begging!

First up: What do you think about little kids getting their hair "did" as little kids. I don't mean hair cuts and rollers for church - I mean: highlights, colors, etc. What's acceptable? What's not? Do you have any personal age limits? And, why do you feel the way you do?

*Please do keep in mind that everyone has a right to their opinion. This won't be a bashing or name-calling fest. I would just love to hear what you think and your reasonings! Ready? Go!

1 comment:

lamamanaturale said...

I love all the parenting depictions...so funny! I can always relate to one. As far as the little ones getting their hair did- I don't think that it should be acceptable. Kids are growing up way too fast. I'd say about 15 or so is okay but any earlier is just setting the wrong example. I just didn't grow up that way I wouldn't want my daughter or son to think their maturing like adults! I'm hosting a giveaway I think you'll be interested in, pls. check it out! thx. http://www.recycleyourday.com/?p=46