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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Solana Swaddling Blankets

If you didn't read the title, you may be curious as to what the above pictures are. Well, I'm sure you guessed fabric-somethings...but, what I have to tell you is so much cooler. They're swaddling blankets by Solana Babywear.

Solana makes dozens of swaddling blankets, in any color you need. My personal favorites - the Organic Baby Tree wrap and the Signature Ashley wrap (respectively) - are shown above. The Baby Tree Wrap (top) is made from 100% organic (meaning no pesticides or un-natural chemicals) cotton and is SO SO soft, as well as lightweight. It reminds me of a really really soft t-shirt, actually - and, I'm seriously wondering if I could have some bedsheets (for me) made of this stuff. That's how awesome it is.

And, then, there is the Signature Ashley wrap (second picture). 100% (gauzy) cotton with beatiful eyelets and detail. Oh, how I wish I had this when we were baptizing Lorelei. It's PERFECT for a baby girl or a baby boy, with an understated elegance that really is oh-too-sweet.

And, unlike a lot of the wraps you are seeing around, Solana baby wraps keep your child comfortable and secure (feeling) with soft, luxurious, breathable 100% cotton - meaning you'll both get more rest.

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