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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Not a fan of plastic clip-on pacifier holders? Cool, us either. Check out the latest from Bink-Tees: cute shirts that make pacifiers (and the holders) PART of the design, rather than an accessory (that, um...gets lost...a lot.)

The shirts are not only cute and functional but they are ALSO e-a-s-y to use. You sandwich the ribbon between the patch and shirt...and voila. All done. It's held with velcro! No more accidentally poking baby with ugly plastic clips, no more trying to scrunch the shirt up to clip, and no more throwing said clip across the room because it wasn't working worth a darn.

Check 'em out. Don't like soccer? No biggie...you can get them in a ton of designs...

1 comment:

Joeprah said...

Biggity this is a cool product! Too bad my none of my three ever did the pacifier thing, oh and they are too old for this. If you get a sec, swing by my blog today, I am in need of comment love for my most recent post. You may have already hooked me up. Peace!