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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Games for Birth to 3 months

Expressions. Sit in front of a full-length mirror with baby with a blank look and suddenly change to a smile and say, "Happy!" Then, back to a blank look. Try other expressions, too. Baby won't understand just yet, but he'll love watching you. Benefits include bonding and helps develop eye-tracking abilities.

Tickle Bee. Form a "bee" by placing your thumb and index finger together. Move your bee above baby in swooping circles and then let it swoop down and in a high pitch voice, say "Buzz, buzz, buzz!" and tickle baby. Baby will love the suspense and the gentle tickling. This game will help develop eye-tracking skills and sense of touch.

Tummy Fun. Lie on your back and place baby on your stomach, tummy-side down. With your face just inches away from baby's , make eye contact and sing and talk. Helps baby begin to develop neck and arm strength.

Follow It. Hold a light-weight, brightly colored toy approximately 12 inches from baby's face. Let baby focus and then slowly move the toy side to side and up and down, letting baby track the toy. Helps baby focus and track objects.

Sway time. Hold baby and sway from side to side to music (gently). Enhances baby's awareness of rhythm and melody.

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