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Monday, May 5, 2008


I love the tradition of Mother's (and Father's) Day. --I love that on this day, we celebrate the Mothers in our lives, regardless of whether they are OUR mothers or someone else's.

I've made a list of gifts I think are pretty cool, let me know which of these YOU would like...or what's on your wishlist! (Click on pictures for more info)

A Sleepy Wrap! These are soooo comfy and great for holding babies and toddlers against you while you do WHATEVER. PLUS they are SO adjustable...so they grow with baby...and you...and can be shared between husband and wife...or grandparents...or babysitters ...or anyone!

I thought this spice set was REALLY cool. It comes in a nifty box - and is a complete set of "thai seasonings." HOWEVER, I wouldn't JUST buy this for mom. Try adding some bling, flowers, or something (like thai cooking lessons for 2, you and her...)

This necklace is adorable and just says "motherhood" to me. I love how simple it is...

I love this set! They are all pincushions! One is a ring that is light enough to wear, but you can have easy access to your pins while sewing!

This body scrub is mmm-delicious. In fact, their whole line of products sounds scrum-delicious.

And, then: What I received!:

For some reason, I love cupcakes. Not just eating them, but I think they are adorable! I asked for a cupcake pin cushion, and here is what hubs bought me (and he knows how I adore hand-crafted). LOVE it! (Mine had red/pink pins)

I didn't ask for this book, so it was a (welcomed) complete surprise! I'm so excited to start reading it! (It's actually a compilation of a series of 3 books)

I love learning about natural methods and medicines. I wanted something, though, more focused on children - and this is one of the best books out there!

Another natural medicine book. Did I mention I love reading? This one is a VERY comprehensive guide to different alternative medicines for ailments from A to Z, as well as some more conventional medicines.

What are you hoping for for Mother's Day? And, if you are buying a gift for someone (your wife, your mom, etc.), what are you buying??


Kathryn said...

I love them all! I love the sling and the spices the most! And the pin cushions. So cute! Love it!

lamamanaturale said...

Great gift guide- I really like the necklace and pin cushions.I'm actually planning to blog about the Healthier Child book- we LOVE, LOVE, this book! It's a must for any new parent for parents seeking alternative choices! I'll have to look into the Natural Cures...I'm really into stuff like that!!! Awesome. Thanks.