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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

What should poo look like?

The seven types of stool are:

  • Type 1: Separate hard lumps, like nuts (hard to pass)
  • Type 2: Sausage-shaped, but lumpy
  • Type 3: Like a sausage but with cracks on its surface
  • Type 4: Like a sausage or snake, smooth and soft
  • Type 5: Soft blobs with clear cut edges (passed easily)
  • Type 6: Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, a mushy stool
  • Type 7: Watery, no solid pieces (entirely liquid)
Types 1 and 2 indicate constipation, with 3 and 4 being the "ideal stools" especially the latter, as they are the easiest to pass. 5-7 being further tending towards diarrhea or cholera.

Source: Wikipedia


Michele said...

Gee thanks for sharing. Nothing like looking at poo when I am suppose to be listening to a trainer. :) lol

ps Baby L had #1 type on Sunday but she didn't act like it was hard to pass. She just played quietly in one place till she was done. Just in case you needed to know.

Jared said...

Glad I just finished my lunch...because I just lost any appetite that I might have had. :D

Very informative though! :D Never thought of breaking poop into 7 different types. I just consider poop to be normal...or not so normal. :D

LaskiGal said...

I could have totally used this with my little guy a few months ago!

Saw you at Top Momma! What a cutie!

Valarie said...

Well alrighty then! Very, Very informative. :)