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Thursday, December 20, 2007

5 days until Christmas! (Giveaway)

Wow! Can you believe it? Only 5 more days until Christmas! And, in the spirit of giving, we decided to have another giveaway!

We'd like you to browse through the following links and find FIVE items that you would love to have. Then come back and comment on this post, telling us what they are! We want to know! We will select up to 5 lucky winners (depending on the turnout) and surprise them with something special!

So, get clicking! - And don't forget to tell us your faves!


Now, go! Don't forget to come back with FIVE products you'd love to have! You can "shop" at any of the stores above! There WILL be prizes!


Lesha said...

Cool stores! :)

I really like the Rolling with My Peeps tee, military cap and Chick Magnet tee from Baby Rock Apparel.

I also like the BOCA BETH Beginner Set and Toddler Bistro Box.

GuardWife said...

I did what you asked and got lost in some really great sites. I have listed my top 5 below (in no particular order) sorry so long

1)On the 'wordsies' site, I really like the shirt that says "Don't cha wish your baby was cute like me". I think it would look great on L.
2)The burpcatcher is the neatest looking think. I can remember those moments when it went right down my back. That would have come in handy.
3)At babe ease - I really like the clean diner and the clean shopper. I really scrubbed a restuarant high chair the other day because I did want other babies 'cooties'. This is a great idea!!
4)From First Impressions - my favorite is still the bumbo seats. They are a MUST have for everyone.
5)The Baby Rock apparel was so cute. There was shirt that said "I may be small, but I'm the boss". That is sooooo an L shirt.

Ok thats enough, I am heading back to babe ease and check out some more stuff.

Cushie Pushie said...

Here are my favorites:
1. Wordsie - Look But Don't Touch
2. Happy Green Bee Toddler Set
3. Clean Shopper
4. Now It's Personal Cookies - love the pineapples
5. First Impressions - I love the Red Hen Diaper Bag

I love the Posh Princess stuff but no princess at my house :(


sassygirl said...

So many things to choose from! Here are my top 5 favorites (also in no particular order)
1.) Taia Hair Clips - Bambi 07 pattern.

2.)Burp Catcher - what a neat idea!

3.)First Impressions Baby - LOVE the Diaper Klutch - so adorable - love the pattern you have shown!

4.) Wordsies - the Please Don't Smoke Near Me one - love it and that is a big pet peave of mine!

5.)Baby Ease - Traveling ABC's

Tracy said...

Wow, it was hard to choose only five things I like because there are so many great items on the sites I looked at! But here are the ones I narrowed it down to:

Burpcatcher - Blue and brown diamonds pattern burp cloth

Aden and Anais - Aqua and chocolate dots blanket

First Impressions - Green Stars Gift Set, Clay Keepsake and Photo Wall Frame Kit, and Sibling Announcements

Since I have a baby due in May I really hope I win!

Mr and Mrs Aaron Ward and Family said...

Loved everything! My son is a BIG 21 month old so he's already wearing 3T stuff!

1. MomSpit Unscented
2. Tummy Honey Stretch Mark Removal Cream-Mother's Intuition
3. Toddler Bistro Box
4. Boco Beth Backpack Set
5. 4T Blue Argyle "Chick Magnet" Shirt-Baby Rock Apparel

There are a few other things I'd love to add, but 5's the limit :)

~Brenda~ said...


~Brenda~ said...

Okay, for some reason, that first one didn't come out. grrr. LOL Let's try this again. A lot of these places weren't for somebody like me, since I don't have babies/toddlers. But I did enjoy going through the sites. Here's my five:

1. tummy honey from mothersintuition.com

2. 3 way pad from firstimpressionsbaby.com

3. I found some really cute hair clips (bambi06, bean01, enchanted 03 and hoot12 were my favs -- was I supposed to just choose 1?! LOL) on sweettaia.com

4. vanilla cookies in either smiley faces, retro flowers or snowmen (I have a hard time making choices -- have you noticed??) from nowitspersonalconfections.com

5. The denim or pink tote bag from