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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I began reading the baby books. I knew how to pack a diaper bag, with all of the essentials so that even if we just so happened to get caught in a snowstorm (in May), she would be okay. Nobody warned me, however, that I should get a whole new diaper bag...just for me. Nobody warned me what would happen to MY clothes should spit-ups occur...and oh, they did...frequently.

Enter BurpCatcher, an award-winning burp cloth with a pocket to catch it all! I just received mine in the mail, and it was all they said it would be. A soft fleece 2-layered burp-cloth that will not only absorb (and catch) anything baby L can spit out...or up...but is oh-so-soft on her delicate skin.

And, for once I don't mind wearing a burp cloth while I'm out and about. BurpCatcher actually catches the mess AND looks cute. They are available in six ADORABLE cotton flannel prints, snow-white premium fleece, or flannel...mmm luxurious!

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mkckec said...

I can see why these would work wonders! My daughter was not a spitter but I have known a couple in my time (gosh that makes me sound old...) who could have used these. They could have used a case! My husband was a spitter so that could indicate that #2 might be one. I shall keep this in mind!