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Thursday, December 6, 2007

stuff this.

I'm incredibly disappointed with the choices I've been presented with for stockings this year. I was hoping for something handmade, but I wasn't finding anything I liked. These are the next best thing. The are what I had in mind visually...just not price wise. For $25 (small) -$35 (larger), I would expect it to come stuffed...or to have been meticulously hand-knitted... Neither of which are an option. Unfortunately, these aren't one of a kind (Pottery Barn), but they are cute, nonetheless... So, if you have some extra dough this Christmas and are in need of pretty new Christmas stockings, these are the ones for you.

I'm hoping for some great links in my comment box to help me find something a bit better for my pocket book, but just as cute...and perhaps, even something one of a kind!

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