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Saturday, December 29, 2007

clean diner

You know what's worse than dried peas stuck to a restaurant high chair? Not knowing if they really were peas...and not knowing what ELSE is on that chair. Who wants their baby in all that? There are good and bad germs, and while I would never want my child in a plastic bubble, I also don't want her sitting in someone else's ......err peas? Eww. Face it, not every restaurant cleans their things like we think they should - heck, with some restaurants, you are lucky your silverware is clean! We like Babe Ease's Clean Diners. You can get the cloth variety or the disposables (our favorite). We like the idea of using these hardy disposables - we can wipe them down if we like and get another use out of them (assuming it wasn't torn) OR we can just trash it on the way out. I'm all for easy, especially when it keeps my daughter from scraping peas (and whatever else) off the highchair and sticking them in her mouth.

You can get yours HERE.

1 comment:

Jose said...

I complete your phrase. NO restaurant clean their chairs and tables properly.