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Sunday, December 2, 2007

a little different

AE Plaid Party Dress

I have a Christmas party coming up...the office variety (which is going to be at a lake resort)... So, last night I embarked on a shopping trip. My budget was meager and I was short in time (as this party is only 2 weeks away!). So, I went through each store in our mall, hoping to find the most fabulous and cutest dress. I soon found out that size 2's in dresses are different in every store...and unfortunately, the 2's were getting bigger. This would make most people happy, having their "size" too large suddenly...but not so much if you are pressed on time (and the stores would all close in 2 hours....did I mention we live an hour away?). So, I had to shy away from the obvious department store dresses which made me look like I was wearing very elegant pillowcases, and head out to find something and just make it work.

I'm usually not much on plaid...but, I decided I'd try this on anyhow. It ended up being one of my favorite picks from the whole night (even if the other dresses would have fitted). It's not too formal and not too casual. It's cute, but it's different, and I love it.

Now I just need shoes....


Sandy said...

The dress is very cute.

mkckec said...

What sort of shoe options do you have?
Very cute dress by the way! Not too much, but just right!

GuardWife said...

I like that dress. It will look great on you.