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Sunday, December 16, 2007

virtual baby shower - game

We are about to announce a lovely woman who we are excited to shower with gifts. But what would a baby shower be without a game? Not a very good one, we say! So, here we go:

We invite EVERYONE to play!

The object? We have hidden a diaper pin. You get to find it. We'll give you a hint. Do you see the ads on the left (under "we love")? It's on one of our friends pages (you need to click the ads and scour their websites). Once you find the diaper pin, click on it (it should link back to a special post), and then follow the directions from there (you'll just have to give us a couple pieces of info (things like name, email, etc)).

And then, we'll draw a winner from THAT list and they will get a most fabulous little prize!

So come join in on the fun....and keep checking back for more...

1 comment:

Boca Beth said...

Hola/Hi Angie -

It's me, Boca Beth, and I want to say congrats on winning our Boca Beth bilingual fun set. We will ship right away because we encourage pregnant mommies to listen to our bilingual music so that the baby recognizes many of the sounds of both English and Spanish!

Happy Educating!

Boca Beth