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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bella B.

Winter is here, and so is dry, itchy skin - even more-so if you also happen to be pregnant. I've fallen in love with Bella B Silk and Honey Moisturizing Body Cream. Thick and luscious, without feeling greasy, this body cream is wonderful for anyone needing a little pampering. It has a fresh, clean scent - making it perfect, especially for the queasy (hello first trimester!)

Bella B has an entire line of bodycare - from head to toe...all of which are free of petroleum, lanolin, mineral oils and parabens (artificial preservatives).


mkckec said...

I have recently run out of the Original Sprouts I used for the past couple months so I am in the market for some new lotion. I just love the smell of the O.S. but this one sounds worth the try. Definite plus with the lack of parabens! ANd I have recently discovered that Honey is sooo good for you, in sooo many ways! (not sure that this actually has honey in it but still...) :)

Ashley said...

It does have honey in it! And lots of other great ingredients for your skin! Oh yeh..and they DON'T test on animals! Hooray!