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Sunday, December 2, 2007

comfort and joy.

Chloe by Ruff Hewn

Sundancer by Ruff Hewn

I don't know about many of you, but as Christmas nears...I get busy. Which means, I'm constantly on the go. It's important to me that style isn't going to leave me with blisters and and wishing my feet would just hurry up and fall off all ready. I've picked three shoes: a casual shoe, a flat, and a boot. I hope you like them as much as I did! I've tried them all on and it took everything I had NOT to pull my charge card out...


~Brenda~ said...

I'm not big on the first one, but I love the last two. Unfortunately, I have been blessed with a big foot and can't seem to find any place that has my size other than Nordstram, so I doubt either one of those would fit me. Oh well. It's nice to dream. LOL And in the long run, it's easier on my pocketbook. LOL (Although, I do own waaaaaaay more shoes than I should, I know if I could actually buy them like the average Joe(ellyn) could, I'd own even more! LOL)

mkckec said...

Nice choices! And I must add to the first comment that even tho you dont like that first pair, they make us "big feet folk" look like ours are small! I like them all. I love the boots but I would never wear them. They dont fit under my pants like I like. Ho Hum!

~Brenda~ said...

I'll keep that in mind about the first pair. As a size 13, I've pretty much given up on my feet ever looking "small"! LOL But it's always worth a try. ;-)