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Monday, December 3, 2007

clean up.

Remember back in the day when you had a little dirt on your cheek or perhaps a smudge of ink on your hands, and your mother would use a little spit and wipe it right off? Well, I just received my own Momspit. Momspit is an alcohol-free cleanser and comes in three lovely scents: lemon and white tea, fig and green tea, and unscented. And despite what the name implies, there is in fact no spit involved. This cleanser comes in a 7 oz. bottle, but it also comes in a handy 2 oz. bottle as well - great for the diaper bag or purse!

I love my new momspit, and I love how it can make little sticky messes disappear...where exactly it goes, I have no idea - I'm just glad it's no longer on me!


mkckec said...

G-R-E-A-T! Just today I wiped my DD up with a quick lick to the thumb! lol.

GuardWife said...

mmmmm yummy spit. lol Kids always hated when I did that.

Jose said...

Mom spit? hahaha. They need a new product manager, I think.