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Monday, December 31, 2007

Natural tooth whitening

Want a brighter smile without having to spend a fortune? Interested in a more "natural" way of achieving it?

Try pouring a little bit of hydrogen peroxide in a dixie cup and dipping your toothbrush in it and then brushing your teeth.


Get your own small box of baking soda just for this purpose and clean your toothbrush really well. Dry it off so it's mostly dry and then dip your toothbrush into the baking soda so it's completely covered. Then, brush.

Want your teeth TWICE as bright? Use both! Wet your toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide and then dip it into your personal stash of baking soda. We very much recommend that you use your baking soda SOLELY for this purpose. As you will be double dipping.

Repeat daily. Within 2 months you should see a pretty dramatic difference.

1 comment:

Jose said...

It´s better than the strips, and much cheaper too.