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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby Bistro Brands

It can be quite confusing when starting solids. What foods should I give? How often? Do they still need their bottle? What if I breastfeed? Again, how often?

Baby Bistro brands answers all of those questions and more with their Baby Bistro Box. Each Baby Bistro Box has color coded sections that correspond to you baby's age, as well as additional cards with tips and other information you'll be glad to have.

All of this great information is printed on sturdy "recipe cards," which are the perfect size for stashing in your purse for a quick run to the grocery.

And, wait! There's more! There's no need to be sad if your little one has passed the 12 months mark...you can STILL experience all the wonderful things Baby Bistro Brands has to offer by taking advantage of their Toddler Bistro Box.

The Toddler Bistro Box covers from 1-3 years, and includes the latest on food and environmental safety, easy recipes, shopping tips, nutrient and supplement needs, toddler personality tendencies, and creative activities.

1 comment:

mkckec said...

What a totally great and cool little box! I WANT ONE! (or two- since I have a toddler!)