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Friday, January 4, 2008

Belly Casts by ProudBody

I have always loved the idea of Belly Cast kits by ProudBody but I had one reservation. Where would I put it when I'm done?

I loved the idea of my husband and I making a memory and always having a Belly Cast to show what I looked like when I was carrying our precious Lorelei. But, we ended up deciding against it because we just didn't think it would fit in with our present decor.

But, next time around...I'm so doing this! ProudBody has come up with some awesome ways to decorate your own unique Belly Casts!

You can make your own art, or copy someone elses on a 3D canvas. Or, maybe you want to add a picture of the ultrasound?

Or, you could decorate your Belly Cast in a way that would match baby's decor...

And, one of my favorites, is the flower holder! How cute is this!

And, I absolutely LOVE the idea of placing newborn baby in the cast for their first pictures! How cute! It is such a great way to preserve memories and show everything from shape of your pregnant body to size of baby, etc. Love it!Each ProudBody Belly Cast comes with all you need to make a belly cast.

Each kit includes:

• 5 rolls (4 inch wide by 5 yards long) of premium-quality, extra-creamy artist's (not medical grade) casting material. This is equivalent to a 5 foot x 5 foot sheet of material. Our casting material conforms to the health requirements of ASTM D-4236. There is no heat reaction when using our casting material.

• All-natural Belly Rub Lubricant

• Plastic drop cloth

• Pair of Nitrile (safe alternative to latex) gloves

• Sanding screen

• Easy-to-follow instructions written in English, Spanish & French

• Color decorating sheet with hundreds of decorating ideas

Then, it's up to YOU to make yours unique!

In fact, I'd love to see what you come up with, so send me your pictures!


suchsimplepleasures said...

what you said, it completely makes sense...about soul mates...and i think it's an AMAZING notion. i would love to think that there was one person, who was put on this earth, specifically for me...but, i've been married twice. still to my second...hopefully, forever. but...i can't say that he is my soul mate. so, maybe i haven't met him yet or i met him and didn't like him? i don't know...i think, when i was younger, i did believe but, now that i'm creeping up towards old age...i'm almost 39, after all...i think i've become cynical and skeptical of a lot of things.
anyway...thanks for coming over to the little ole blog!

Papa Jim said...

They are limiting themselves. You know how many men are prouder than hell of their finely crafted beer guts? (hi Ashley! just throwing some testosterone into this party)

BD @ BusyDadBlog.com