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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sorry Vera, Mommy doesn't love you anymore

Until tonight, I had thought my Vera Bradley diaper bag was the best thing ever. Despite the fact my good friend thought it was probably the ugliest bag ever (and nobody would dare carry one where she was from), I happened to like it. It carried more than my other 2 bags, and I liked the bright and vibrant design. My husband on the other hand...didn't share my love...and wanted something a bit more....manly.

As I got a few more requests for other looking for the same thing, I decided to try something new. It's a great line of bags made just for dads...so they don't mind wearing them through the mall.

I'd like to introduce Dadgear.

I was excited to find a product my husband would be proud to tote around, so he'd have his very own non-girly bag. We tried out the Dadgear backpack. This backpack has more pockets and great things than I can even begin to tell you...but, I'll try! It comes with a changing pad, a baby wipes box with a special access window on the front, two pockets for the bottles on each side (holds two bottles each), a diaper hammock to keep diapers easily accessible, a clip to hold your keys, and a huge main pocket. I was amazed when hubby emptied the comments of our diaper bag into the backpack and THEN came looking for more things he could add (like extra toys). Even after the toys, our Dadgear backpack could have still fit more, and even so...it felt a lot lighter than the Vera Bradley Diaper Bag.

So, I think we have a winner. Sorry Vera, Mommy doesn't love you anymore.


suchsimplepleasures said...

they didn't have vera wang diaper bags when i was having babies...i had another designer and i can't think of her name...brain rot...but, why didn't they have daddy diaper bags...for any of my baby days?! oh well, not having any more babies just for the sake of a mandiaperbag!!!

Ashley said...

Vera Wang! Haha...no, vera bradley. If I bought a Vera Wang bag, I'd have nothing left to put in it! lol

Papa Jim said...

I don't know any baby who can drink 4 bottles of milk. Clearly, one is for the bottle and the other three are for your Coronas. After all, it IS a dad bag.
- BD @ BusyDadBlog.com

Kim said...

Okay, I love Busy Dads comment here.. I really like that dad bag for me.. I was never a fan of the Vera Bradley stuff.. that bag is much more my speed.. :)


joaquin said...

I bought it and think is a great idea.

Jose said...

No more excuses for dads that like trendy diaper bags.